Eneres and Savills

Project: Apolonio Morales 29

Region: EMEA

Case Study: First existing building in Europe for LEED 4.1 O+M Platinum
Indoor Environmental Quality for Madrid Office Building


Continuous monitoring of environmental conditions has verified that air quality, ventilation, and thermal comfort performance meets or surpasses design intent. The project has now gone on to achieve:

  • First existing building in Europe to achieve a LEED v4.1 O+M Platinum
  • Score of 9/10 on Indoor Environmental Quality performance
  • 89/100 sets a Spanish record under the O+M category with any rating version

The project is an outstanding demonstration of how optimal environmental conditions can be achieved without compromising on sustainable performance. High resolution IEQ data helped LEED certification to be achieved quickly and will inform how future operational performance can be optimized for the benefit of occupants.

“Indoor Air Quality audits have finally come to an end thanks to real-time monitoring. Potential trouble spots are immediately identified and investigated. Data is used to propose courses of action before experiencing a loss of wellbeing. At Savills Aguirre Newman we recommend arbnco’s sensors and platform to achieve sustainability certifications while enhancing occupants’ health and comfort. Feedback from our clients show optimized operational performance and increased employees’ productivity with a short payback.”

Antonio Marotta, Sustainability Consultant, Savills


“Our mission is to reach the ideal balance between Indoor Environmental Quality and Energy Efficiency, through the monitoring and control of the pertinent parameters. The arbnco devices and platform have helped us to measure and maintain high Indoor Air Quality standards. The integration with the Arc Platform and the active support of the arbnco team aided the speeding up of the LEED certification process with outstanding results.”                                                               

 Rossana Laera, Building and Architectural Engineer, Eneres


Apolonio Morales 29 is the award-winning headquarters building of sustainability consultancy Eneres in Madrid, Spain. The 800m2 office building was retrofitted, in 2008, with a range of energy efficiency measures, including bioclimatic envelope systems, geothermal exchange and thermo-active slabs, using the thermal mass to stabilize the internal conditions and create a living showcase for occupant wellbeing and sustainability.

Project Objectives

Eneres collaborated with Savills, Arc Skoru and arbnco to carry out ongoing Performance Verification of the project’s Indoor Air Quality and thermal comfort. Continuous monitoring was used to:


  • Evaluate operational performance against design intent
  • Provide the IEQ data required for LEED 4.1 O+M certification


The arbnco platform was deployed with easy retrofit of AQ+ multi-sensor monitors. The multi-sensors measure CO2, temperature, and relative humidity in additional to a variety of common pollutants, TVOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and PM1.0, PM2.5, and PM10 (Particulate Matter).

Data is backhauled to arbnco’s cloud-based platform using a single 4G gateway, thus ensuring full independence from on-site Wi-Fi or networks.

Indoor Environmental Performance

Real-time and historic data is presented on the dashboard for analysis, diagnostics, and reporting.

Performance thresholds for post-COVID best practice are set in line with the Arc Re-entry Guide. Automatic performance alerts by email or SMS notify the client of any threshold breaches.

Reported CO2 is consistently under 900 ppm indicating high standards of ventilation. Temperature and humidity levels generally report within expected bands and pollutant levels are very low.


Over a period of 4 months spanning both heating and cooling seasons, continuous data for CO2 and TVOC was automatically streamed from the arbnco platform to the Arc platform which provides performance scoring for human experience in addition to energy, water, waste, and transport. This ensured easy submission of data for LEED certification.