Accelerating Sustainability Goals and Human Wellness through Patented Data Analytics & AI


arbnco believes there is a way to help accelerate and reach net-zero goals in the building environment and our mission is to help achieve this with our customers.

arbnco accelerates the path to carbon reduction with solutions beneficial to our clients and our planet

At our core, arbnco’s mission is to accelerate global sustainability goals & enhance human wellness in the building environment. Our company is made up of a diverse global team of the best innovators who have built a research-backed analytics platform using deep-dive analytics & artificial intelligence (AI) to measure, optimize and accelerated sustainability goals.

Commercial Markets

Helping global commercial customers evaluate their building portfolio’s energy, carbon, and wellness performance, compare that performance to industry benchmarks and peers, and identify energy and decarbonization measures to achieve new performance breakthroughs, all without the need for costly on-site engineering or in person services. We do this by using the power of data, patented analysis technics, and artificial intelligence (AI), so that you can focus on planning for a net zero future without having to manage costly data collection and manual analysis.


Give Account Managers the ability to evaluate which buildings would benefit most from energy conservation measures, as well as investments in solar, wind, or battery storage. Attention can be prioritized based on relative performance – focusing account managers on high-impact prospects. Armed with a detailed building performance analysis – a ‘virtual audit’, customers can be engaged with a deep understanding of where to look for efficiency gains.

Use analytics & AI to achieve an additional 30% energy while improving human wellness

arbnco’s Well & Energy AI Orchestrator™ helps create high performing and intelligent buildings by collecting various data from both the interior & exterior of the building, such as IEQ parameters, light, noise, and occupancy patterns along with outdoor ambient conditions and patterns to identify, learn and use artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve higher levels of energy savings and enhance human wellness and productivity.

The result is 30+% of quantifiable energy reduction while helping you reach your Net Zero goals and enhancing human wellness and productivity.

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