Introducing our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Celebrating Leadership and Growth

Announcing a series of well-deserved promotions within our esteemed team at arbnco. These promotions reflect our commitment to recognising and nurturing talent within our organisation.

Dr Mahnameh Taheri: From Director of Products to Chief Technology Officer

Mahnameh has played a crucial role within the arbnco team since 2018, commencing her tenure as an R&D building scientist. With extensive experience and global proficiency in the field, Mahnameh has established herself as a genuine leader in the industry. In addition to her distinguished academic accomplishments, Mahnameh’s areas of expertise encompass diverse aspects of building science and technologies, such as computer-aided building performance simulations, software development, and building energy optimisation. Her appointment to the position of Chief Technology Officer underscores her outstanding leadership, innovative approach, and unwavering commitment to advancing excellence within our company.

Congratulations to the other outstanding members of our team who have also been promoted:

  • Agnieszka Bachleda-Baca: Manager of AI & Data Engineering Team

  • Dr John Allison: Manager of AI-augmented Simulation Team

  • Graeme Jephson: Manager of ESG Reporting Team

These individuals have demonstrated ability, expertise, and dedication to their respective roles, and we are proud to see them step into these new positions of responsibility within our organisation.

At arbnco, we believe in fostering a culture of growth, collaboration, and innovation, and these promotions exemplify our ongoing commitment to supporting our team members’ professional development and success.

“Congratulations to Mahnameh and the other promoted team members. These individuals demonstrate exceptional ability, embodying our values of growth, collaboartion, and innovation. At arbnco, we’re dedicated to supporting our team’s success, and these promotions reflect that commitment”

Maureen Eisbrenner, CEO at arbnco

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