Be a trusted energy efficiency and decarbonisation advisor to your customers

We have solutions to help Utilities increase customer satisfaction, enable sales and support your customers on the path to net zero.

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Our energy experts work like extended members of your team — we take the time to understand your current challenges, your customers and your objectives. Then we help you unleash the power of arbnco’s platform to help you develop data-driven strategies and present relevant energy solutions to your commercial customers. Discovering actionable insights from raw data is at the core of arbnco’s platform.

Once integrated with your utility data, our platform screens and analyses entire commercial customer portfolios, identifying opportunities for energy savings. We help you become a trusted energy advisor and partner to your customers, presenting building specific energy insights and potential saving opportunities.

Our platform can also help you increase the effectiveness of sales engagement. Through an organised and user-friendly platform you can focus resources on the right targets at the right time, with valuable insights that improve customer awareness of energy solutions and enable sales conversations.

Customer Satisfaction

How we help

Deepen customer relationships through tailored, value adding insight into customer energy performance & savings potential.

What we do

Our software leverages existing energy data to create tailored insights and actions that can help customers cut energy costs & carbon, enabling Utilities to differentiate their service, increasing customer satisfaction & loyalty.​

What to expect

Customer service is enhanced through better understanding of energy performance, building trust and helping them to understand how their building performs.

Sophisticated analysis leads to deeper understanding of energy saving opportunity, more meaningful customer engagement and helps you become a trusted energy advisor.

Sales and revenue growth

How we help

Accelerate energy services sales, while increasing productivity & reducing cost to serve.

What we do

Our software provides a reliable, cost-effective way of assessing and ranking building energy performance across large commercial portfolios in a fraction of the time & cost compared to traditional methods. ​

This helps Utilities better target energy solutions at the right customers and improve the effectiveness of Sales engagement.

What to expect

Users can rapidly assess large customer portfolios identifying targets who have the greatest potential for energy savings.

​Reduce time spent on non-value adding activities, allowing frontline Sales and customer service teams to spend more time talking to customers, providing great service and generating new Sales opportunities.​

Supporting Sustainability goals  

How we help

Identify portfolio wide distributed Energy & Electrification opportunities, reducing carbon, resolving grid constraints and supporting demand reduction.

What we do

Our software helps you scope renewable generation, battery storage & Electrification potential, enabling potential energy investments to be quickly assessed, costed and prioritised.


What to expect

Making use of existing data to translate your customers energy goals and strategy in into tangible, costed actions and targets.​

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