The arbn insight platform is used to manage operational energy performance in buildings, enabling energy managers to benchmark, forecast and control energy usage. The system can be deployed as part of an Energy Monitoring & Targeting strategy to evaluate energy consumption patterns, track predicted consumption versus actual consumption and identify potential energy cost savings.

Intelligent data analysis and automated reporting

Weather independent efficiency

Out of hours wastage

Software overview

View a quick overview of our arbn insight platform below.


Cost reduction

• Provides base-line analysis
• Identifies and avoids wasted energy
• Identifies behavioural change


• Benchmarks operational performance
• Tracks predicted consumption v actual
• Correlation with heating and cooling degree days

Occupancy Analysis

• Understands correlation between energy consumption and occupancy
• Integrates with demand-controlled technologies
• Identifies opportunities to reduce unnecessary cooling power

Verification of savings

• Measures impact of energy efficiency measures implemented
• Assesses impact of awareness campaigns e.g. switch-off
• Verifies ROI to justify business case for future investment

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