We've been awarded Innovate UK funding to help households improve their indoor air quality

Another great project to add to arbnco’s extensive list!

arbnco is partnering with University of Strathclyde and Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe (MERCE) to help households reduce their exposure to indoor pollutants and improve indoor air quality. The project is funded by Innovate UK and our sensing technology will be deployed to monitor and measure the indoor environmental quality.

arbn well, arbnco’s environmental quality measurement and analysis system is based on high-quality, low-cost sensing. It comprises a network of sensors measuring a variety of parameters affecting human health and comfort. This continuous and ubiquitous sensing is supplemented by occupant feedback (collected using the arbn well app), to create a uniquely rich and detailed picture of environmental conditions inside buildings and the satisfaction of occupants.

The aim of the Innovate UK competition is to support the research and development of products and services which monitor a wide range of household pollutants. Further, the solutions must raise awareness of the potential impacts of the pollution in the home to the occupants. arbn well does this by highlighting actions and alerts. It displays real-time data and summary statistics and allows the user to identify trouble spots, explore likely causes for complaints, view alerts, and change settings.

Following the completion of Phase 1 in November of this year, the project team will be able to bid for up to £300K for a 12-month phase 2 project to develop and test the solution.