EPC Audit Tool improves rating from G to D


Negotiations were taking place with a potential new tenant for a 1980s office building. The EPC carried out in 2016 had a rating of G168.

Under the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard regulations, the property owner was unable to renew the lease until an EPC rating of E or above was achieved.


The priority for the property owner was to remove the risk of negotiations breaking down because the premises did not comply with MEES regulations. The property owner was considering an urgent lighting re-fit replacing existing T5 lighting with LED fittings at a projected cost of circa £90,000 and requested confirmation that this was the appropriate course of action.


arbnco was asked to provide an urgent review of the position.

The consultant used the Landmark website to obtain the building model created at the time of the 2016 EPC. The model was uploaded to the arbn consult platform for analysis and a report was presented to the client within the same day.


The platform’s EPC Audit Tool identified issues with the efficiency of mechanical and electrical systems under the original model, in particular :-

  • arbnco recommended an M&E consultant determine the actual Specific Fan Power of the existing Air Handling unit – subsequent testing identified SFP was at 0.49 W/l-s against a default of 3 W/l-s
  • the lamp efficacy of the existing T5 lighting was identified as 75 lumens/W


Following arbnco’s report and recommendations, the property owner was able to achieve an updated EPC rating of D99 without the requirement for any retrofit works.

Summary of Benefits

Smart use of data and technology enabled the client to:-

  • Respond rapidly to address a lease at immediate risk.
  • Save circa £90,000 demonstrating that the proposed LED refit was unnecessary and in isolation wouldn’t achieve MEES compliance.
  • Improve the EPC rating from G168 to D99 and subsequently enable the property to be leased.