EPC Audit Tool improves rating from F to E



The lease for a 7,000 m2 office in London was due for renewal. The EPC, issued in 2017, had a rating of F128 and did not comply with the requirements of MEES regulations.


The property owner had limited time and data to assess options for bringing the property out of risk.


arbnco was asked to provide an urgent analysis and issue a formal report.
The consultant used the Landmark website to obtain the building model created at the time of the 2017 EPC. No subsequent changes had been made in the property.

The model was uploaded to the arbn consult platform for analysis and a report was presented to the client within the same day.


The platform was utilised to identify where default efficiencies had been accepted and where the EPC rating might be enhanced if additional information could be secured through specialist consultation.

It was apparent that a lighting re-fit had been undertaken and the client was advised of potential gains if lamp efficacy (lamp lumens circuit watt) of the light fittings could be determined.

A desktop analysis indicated the EPC rating might have the capacity to be enhanced to E108 from the following lighting outputs:-

  • CFL 60 lumens/W
  • T8 fluorescent 80 lumens/W
  • LED 90 lumens/W


Following arbnco’s report and recommendations, the property owner was able to achieve an updated EPC rating of E without retrofit works.

This saved the client around £50,000.

Summary of Benefits

Smart use of data and technology enabled the client to:-

  • Achieve compliance quickly and at minimal cost.
  • Save circa £50,000 in proposed works.
  • Eliminate MEES non-compliance risk and potential penalties.